Nevzorov: Hitler had more support than Putin

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 Nevzorov: Hitler had more support than Putin< /p>

Russian opposition journalist Alexander Nevzorov said on his Telegram channel that even Hitler had more support than Russian President Vladimir Putin now.

This is how he commented on the words of Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov that the support of the Russians gives the president strength and confidence.

The journalist doubted the sincerity of this support, especially after – a rally in the Luzhniki people were paid money to attend.

“Adolf Hitler, whom Putin is already openly imitating, had even more support. And he did not pay extras 300 rubles per hour. Almost 1,300,000 fans of the German Fuhrer gathered voluntarily and free of charge at the Hitler rally in Nuremberg (1937). but this did not prevent Adolf from turning into a pile of burnt meat, shit and buttons, & quot;, & ndash; wrote a journalist.

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