Network users struck a snow man from Kiev

“Snow runner” in Kiev, was struck by users of the network. The man ran for a jog in shorts, despite the weather.

The corresponding video was shared journalist Anna Kopytko in Facebook.

“Today at Babi Yar met a guy who ran in shorts. In conversation with him learned that just yesterday he started thus to harden. And today we went to the first snow in Kiev. Was caught unawares only passers-by, the athlete continued to run calmly. Amidst nature this guy in the blue shorts looked boldly,” wrote Kopytko.

This is interesting: “The “great helmsman” in vest absolutely crazy”: the network has ridiculed Zakharchenko and his statements to “Dnrovskih” “media”

The journalist asked a young man how he’s feeling, and not cold if he could run. Athlete honestly, that’s really cold. The girl advised him not to stop, to stay warm.

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