Network laugh Putin with women’s haircut

Сеть насмешил Путин с женской стрижкой

Fans of photoshop I laugh the social network.

New unconventional outfit Putin, in which he went out in public has caused users of the network a real tantrum, reports the with reference to

“Dad, Katie fumbles in mechanics, Dad for Kate’s buying all year, Where have you seen where ever heard, Dad, “decides”, and Katia passes?!”, the message reads blogger “Casper” on the page in Twitter.

So, on a photo that was posted clearly shows that it depicts the daughter of Putin, which “stuck” daddy’s face. So, according to rumors, the reason for this photocollage was sewn dissertation blood relatives of Vladimir Putin.

“This evening in a friendly family Tihonovich note the dissertation of the younger daughter. Katerina tells how opponents wanted struggling it fill up, but she strayed. The Pope in tears of joy for her daughter, what a clever grown up, my father”, — underlined in the message.

Among other things, it is worth noting that user reported Vladimir Putin was really similar to my daughter.

Сеть насмешил Путин с женской стрижкой

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