Network laugh flower beds “in prison” in Russia

Сеть насмешили клумбы «за решеткой» в России

“Modern” protection from vandals.

In Krasnoyarsk (Russian Federation) flower beds fenced bars, which instantly caused a sea of jokes on this topic on social networks, reports the with reference on the Facts.

“In Krasnoyarsk beds cover metal anti-vandal nets. Not enough barbed wire and machine gunners on the perimeter. In the Crimea now also beds massively robbed” — said in comments to the photos in the microblog posted a blogger who writes under the name “Crimean banderovets”.

Сеть насмешили клумбы «за решеткой» в России

Krasnoyarsk local media reports that over flowers pulled no metal and synthetic mesh that vandals dug up the tulips. This decision has supporters rejoicing that the flowers will stop stealing, and opponents, who called the innovation a “beds of strict regime”.

Сеть насмешили клумбы «за решеткой» в России

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