Netivot: “Yesterday the boy had a fever, today he did not wake up”


Israeli media have published details of the tragic incident in Netivot – the death of a 6-year-old boy who recently had a coronavirus.

Father of the child says: β€œHe had no chronic illnesses. There was a fever, there were convulsions – but it passed. A month and a half ago he had a crown, he was ill. He was a perfectly healthy child. Yesterday he had a temperature – I gave him Nurofen. In the morning he did not wake up. He was a strong, good, wonderful boy. He just didn't wake up this morning. ”

The father added,β€œ All of his sisters have a temperature. The whole family has a fever. Some kind of virus. It is possible that it is some kind of virus or bacteria. ”

At the moment, doctors have not established the cause of the child's death. His sister also had convulsions and fever yesterday, she was hospitalized – like the boy's three other sisters.

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