Netflix To Release Children's Witcher Without Sex And Violence

Netflix will release the children's Witcher

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Showrunner of the series, which is an adaptation of the series of books by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski The Witcher Lauren Schmidt Hissrich spoke about working on the creation of a children's animated series. According to her, the children's version of The Witcher will be without sex and violence.

‚ÄúThis is the most controversial announcement we've made. We're not going to just take the universe, take the blood, sex, and combat out of it, and give it out to children. The most important to me in The Witcher there were questions of gray morality and family, we want to raise them. Andrzej Sapkowski's stories were based on fairy tales, and they were written for children. It seems to us possible to find the right approach to adapting these stories through other characters, without being embarrassed by the controversial topics that arise in the books “, & ndash; Hissrich told IGN in an interview.

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