Netflix streaming service surpasses 214 million subscribers

The number of Netflix streaming service subscribers has exceeded 214 million

The number of subscribers to the American streaming service Netflix worldwide has exceeded 214 million.

This is evidenced by the company's statements for last quarter.

Netflix gained 4.4 million subscribers in the three-month period ending September 30. According to the forecast presented by the company, in the fourth quarter of this year, their number will increase by another 8.5 million to 222 million.

The company's revenue for the reporting period exceeded $ 7.4 billion, and its profit – $ 1.4 billion According to the results of the second quarter of this year, the first figure was $ 7.3 billion, and the second – $ 1.3 billion.

Netflix was founded in 1997. Its headquarters are located in Los Gatos, California. The company provides streaming services in more than 190 countries, including Russia. Since 2013, Netflix has been making its own films, series and TV shows.

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