Netflix launches 'The Squid Game' sequel

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 Netflix Launches Squid Game Sequel

Netflix has posted on Twitter a teaser trailer for the second season of the South Korean series The Squid Game. In the video, the makers showed the doll from the “Red Light Green Light” challenge.

According to the filmmaker HwangDong Hyuk, the main character of the first season, Song Ki Hoon, game host Hwang In Ho, and recruiter will return.< br />
holds the record for the most watched Netflix series. In the first 28 days of the show, the series scored 1.65 billion views. According to the director, it took him 12 years to realize his idea, and 12 days for the series to become so popular. So, the director told The Guardian in an interview that he would like to touch on the topic of police inaction in more detail and reveal the history of the relationship between Hwang In-ho, who won the death competition and became one of its organizers, and his brother, detective Hwang Chung-ho, who infiltrated the guards and was injured.

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