Netflix dupe of great success ‘Squid Game’: internet provider sues streaming service | TV

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Netflix dupe of great success ‘Squid Game’: internet provider sues streaming service | TV

TVThe great success of ‘Squid game’ has consequences for Netflix, because the South Korean internet provider SK Broadband is suing the streaming service. Due to the unprecedented popularity of the series, internet traffic in South Korea has increased so much that the provider now says that it is now saddled with a lot of extra costs.

‘Squid Game’ tells the story of a deadly and gruesome knockdown race. A game of life and death, which takes place in an oppressive and very slow way. Since the release of the nine episodes of ‘Squid Game’ on Netflix on September 17 this year, the South Korean series has skyrocketed in the worldwide rankings.

Netflix is ​​available in 190 countries, but we know the top 10 most-watched series and movies from only 83 of them. For the first time, a series has now ranked first in all 83 countries. On Friday, ‘Squid Game’ also briefly took first place in India. Meanwhile, the series has already fallen back a bit, and ‘Squid Game’ has to settle for second place in Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey, Indonesia and Denmark. Its popularity is also really unprecedented in South Korea. After YouTube, Netflix is ​​now the largest generator of data traffic in the Asian country. But unlike other major players such as Amazon, Apple and Facebook, Netflix (YouTube) does not pay to use the network either. And provider SK Broadband now wants to change that – through the courts.

SK Broadband argues that – given the streaming service is responsible for a huge spike in internet traffic – Netflix also has to pay a “reasonable” price for the increased maintenance costs of the network. Netflix has since responded to the lawsuit, saying it is “looking at the claim and in the meantime seeking a dialogue with the provider”.

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