Netflix advances the trailers of its next premieres in “Tudum” | #Most viewed in networks | News | TVP

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Netflix advances the trailers of its next premieres in “Tudum” | #Most viewed in networks | News | TVP

For the first time, Netflix has presented an exclusive event dedicated to its main dishes for the coming months: it is “Tudum”, an event in which productions such as paper house, The Bridgertons, Sandman, Cobra Kai, The Umbrella were discussed Academy, Army of Thieves, The Witcher.

-Red alert-

Without a doubt, Netflix’s biggest bet is “Red Alert”, which is going to be Netflix’s most expensive production to date. Starring Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot, Red Alert is classic action action that opens on November 12.

-La Casa de Papel 5th season (2nd part) –

The Professor has disappeared. The gang wonders where he is hiding … no one knows, but time is running out and they require a solution for the great heist. Confirmed for December 3.

-Strangers Things (4ta temporada)-

The Hawkins boys return to the small screen. But now they will face new enemies, time travel and unexpected threats.

We will still have to wait several months for the premiere, because although there is no confirmed month and day, at least they have anticipated that it will be in 2022.

-Snake Kai (4th season)-

Another of the geek-catching phenomena that could not be missing in TUDUM is Cobra Kai, which although it is not a Netflix original production, has already made it his own. Its fourth and final season will premiere on the last day of the year, on December 31.

-Dark Wish (Final Season) –

Money, a textile empire and the love revenge between Darío and Alma give an unexpected turn to the second season, whose premiere will be in 2022.

-Bridgerton (2nd season) –

The Viscount of Bridgerton will face the disruptive character of Kate Sharma. You won’t get away with it so easily. Earrings because this 2022 the British royalty is coming strong.


The comic that Neil Gaiman wrote 30 years ago will hit the small screen in a Netflix super production. An enigmatic ritual in which blood, angel feathers and ancient chants bring to life a mysterious young man named Sueño.

There is no tentative release date yet, but there are strong suspicions that it will be next year.

-Snake Kai (4th season)-

This December 31, a new fight with Cobra Kai lands on the streaming platform, but to win the tournament it will be necessary to banish the rivalries.

-Ozark (4th time) –

A festive atmosphere in what appears to be Mexico is the prelude to a crime that remains hidden from the guests. Look out for the premiere in 2022.

Vikings Valhalla

A new era of warriors will take shape in this new installment of the Viking lineage. For now there are no more indications on the release date other than the next 2022.

Emily in Paris 2

On December 22 of this year Emily returns with the classic North American style to conquer new lands in French lands.

-The Crown (5ta temporada)-

Imelda Staunton announced to fans that they are already filming the fifth season of The Crown, which recently swept the 2021 Emmys.

Imelda mentioned the previous work that her predecessors have carried out in the interpretation of Queen Elizabeth II and anticipated that she hopes to live up to the demands. On the other hand, he confirmed that the premiere of the new installment of The Crown will be in November 2022.

Umbrella Academy 3

What a way to announce the third season of the series! The Umbrella Academy cast opened up to fans and shared their best-hidden hobbies and secrets.

He also shared how happy and eager they are to show the first advances of this new installment.

The Witcher 2

Geralt anticipates that danger looms: a lamia (mythological monster half woman, half snake); however it seems that he has already possessed it. Don’t miss the premiere on December 17.

-Cowboy Bebop-

Another highly anticipated release is the live-action series adaptation of Cowboy Bebop, one of the most popular anime in its category. Of this, the credit titles have hardly been shown, but the look is at least interesting. It will premiere on November 19.


This is how the cast of the Rebelde remake sounds. If you saw the original version from the early 2000s, this trailer can result in an unsettling shock.

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