Netanyahu's autobiography sells over 40,000 copies

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 Netanyahu's autobiography has sold 40,000 copies

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On Monday, sales of the autobiography of the leader of the Likud party, released last month, passed the 40,000th mark. The author promised to write another volume of Bibi: My Story.

in Jerusalem, Netanyahu, 73, said he had “died three times for political reasons” in the past, and listed his in 1999 and 2006 and his removal from office in elections a year and a half ago.

&ldquo ;Not everyone gets obituaries three times in their lives, ”, — he said, noting that “they weren't so nice.” According to the author, the advantage of a story written by himself is that it consists of inside knowledge that his previous biographers cannot.

a milestone achievement, “when so many copies of a book were sold in less than a month after its release”

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