Netanyahu: if enemies wanted to, they would kill us, but they want to expel us

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 Netanyahu: if the enemies wanted to, they would have killed us, but they want to expel us

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, along with his wife Sarah, arrived in the Har Braha settlement on March 2 to meet with the Yaniv family, who had lost their lives in a terrorist attack in Khawara of two sons – Hillel and Yagel.

According to the head of the Israeli government, the parents of the deceased spoke about how wonderful their sons were, what principles they followed, and also about the last family Shabbat they spent together before the attack.

“If our enemies could, they would kill us all, but they want to drive us out. I say our answer — attack on the infrastructure of terror and deepen the roots of our land,” Netanyahu stressed.

He stressed that a number of decisions have recently been made, despite the difficult international reality, to “deepen roots, strengthen settlements and expand presence in the homeland.”

“This is our battle, these two wonderful guys fell in the battle for the homeland,” he concluded.

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