Netanya: Ninth-grader stuck his hand between teacher's legs

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 Netanya: A ninth-grader put his hand between the teacher's legs

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A week after it became known that a 9th grade student had sexually attacked a teacher, she spoke for the first time.

It happened about one and a half months ago. A teacher at a school in the Netanya area was attacked by a student.

He walked up to her, touched her and left her hurt and shocked. The student was suspended for some time and recently returned to school.

The teacher did not return to school after this incident. This week, for the first time, she spoke about what she went through after this difficult event.

“All daily functioning is affected. It's hard for me to return to a normal life after the incident,” she says. “It's hard for me to function as an independent person, as a mother and, of course, as a teacher. I completely immersed myself in this case from that day and from that moment. It's physical pain and mental pain.”

“It was Friday, last class. Right before the holidays,” she recalls. "I finished the lesson and, like every Friday, said goodbye to the children, standing in the hallway, next to the classroom door. I always do that.
At the end of the day, I make sure that everyone raises their chairs and that no one leaves a satchel or any object. Sometimes I even make a remark to a student or congratulate him. I do my job with such dedication because I feel responsible for their success.

. He just did an obscene act in public. At that moment, I froze, I really felt something like clinical death, he did it calmly and just left and returned to the classroom a minute later.

According to her, the same student repeated after a while attack.

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