Neptune Strike-22 exercises started in the Mediterranean

 Neptune Strike 22 exercise kicks off in Mediterranean

A major NATO military exercise has started in the Mediterranean. This was stated by Pentagon spokesman John Kirby. The maneuvers were called “Strike Neptune-22”.

The United States provided its aircraft carrier “Harry Truman” for military training. and strike team. They will become the centerpiece of the exercises. The main goal is to practice long-range strikes and anti-submarine warfare, writes CBS News.

In addition to the United States, several other NATO countries will be involved in the maneuvers. But Kirby didn't name which ones. He clarified that the event was planned in advance. But the decision to conduct it was made against the backdrop of the aggravated situation around Ukraine.

The Neptune-22 impact will last until February 4th. And in early March, the exercises should take place beyond the Arctic Circle. Aircraft carrier “Harry Truman” will go there. In total, 35 thousand soldiers from 28 countries of the alliance will be involved in the maneuvers.

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