Need to move more: tips that will prolong the life

Двигаться нужно больше: советы, которые продлят жизнь

Why the need to move more and the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle

In ancient times people knew, active lifestyle is the key to longevity. This is confirmed by modern scientific studies.

How dangerous sedentary lifestyle?

Scientific and technical progress of our time has greatly facilitated our existence, but did that real benefits to our health?

Everyone can perform, how much time he spends at the computer, driving the car, on the couch near the TV. The result — an increase in cardiovascular disease, obesity, osteoarthritis, prostate, sciatica, hemorrhoids.

Двигаться нужно больше: советы, которые продлят жизнь

According to recent studies, the cause of 3.8% of premature deaths are consequences of a sedentary lifestyle. In other words, an insufficient level of physical activity increases the risk of the occurrence of various diseases.

Двигаться нужно больше: советы, которые продлят жизнь

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“We need to raise activity levels, this will reduce the number of “sedentary” deaths around the world,” says Leandro Rezende, University of Sao Paulo.

Movement — a life?

The sedentary way of life is reasonable “regulation” of their activities, moderation and self-discipline. Daily 30-minute workouts, walks in the Park and Jogging can greatly improve not only overall health but also help in overcoming stress and depression.

In Japan there is a healing practice called Shinrin-yoku (shinrin-yoku), or forest bathing, translated as “bathing in the woods.”

The meaning of the method is that people should “swim” in the atmosphere of the forest. Doctors recommend deep breathing air which contains the volatile essential oils of the trees. This will help to strengthen the immune system, lower blood pressure, improve sleep quality.

Jogging in the fresh air have a significant effect. This is a very simple and useful exercise is an excellent prevention of heart disease, promotes detoxification, helps to strengthen the spine, increases tone of blood vessels.

Benefits of the mobile lifestyle:

— Reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

— Improves blood circulation.

— Improves the immune system.

— Improves memory and ability to concentrate.

— Prevents osteoporosis.

— Helps in overcoming stress.

— Helps in the fight against excess weight.

— Reduces the risk of premature death.

Двигаться нужно больше: советы, которые продлят жизнь

Moreover, an active lifestyle, affect your appearance, natural glow, sparkling eyes and a constant smile will reveal your true beauty. Thus, it is a universal way to maintain your physical and mental body is normal.

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