Near Kiev was a drunken accident

Под Киевом произошло пьяное ДТП

The driver tried to leave the scene of an accident.

In Boyarka in Kiev region drunk driver of a Toyota car at a huge speed reserve, Peugeot, and tried to flee the scene of an accident, reports the with reference to

Near Kiev in Boyarka drunk driver on the Toyota at high speed and sideswiped a Peugeot parked in a circle. And then walked quietly out of the car and tried to leave.

Под Киевом произошло пьяное ДТП

When the witnesses of the accident caught up with him and tried to return back to the car, the man just asked a surprised tone: “where are you taking me?”.

According to eyewitnesses dorozhno-transport incident, the culprit was so drunk he didn’t realize what was happening.

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