Near Kiev unknown threw stones at the train “intercity”

Возле Киева неизвестные забросали камнями поезд «Интерсити»

The operator broke the glass.

Yesterday at 22:50 on the stretch Magpie broad Motovilovka Kiev hooligans threw stones at Express train No. 716 Lviv — Kiev and smashed the windshield of the cab driver and side — passenger car, reports the with reference to

On the occasion of the railroad informed the police. Fortunately, during the attack no one was hurt, however, does not always end only the financial cost of the railway for the restoration of carriages — throwing objects at trains during movements can lead to injury of people.

“Illegal intervention in work of the railway is one of the most painful problems of high-speed traffic. Damage to the property of the railroad and the ways particular social and cultural problem that significantly affects the safety of passengers. Ukrzaliznytsia warns citizens from doing something reckless that could cause a hazardous situation in rail transport and lead to tragic consequences”, — emphasized the Minister.

Ukrainian Railways high-speed trains run at speeds up to 160 km/h, so the illegal actions of unauthorized persons dangerous for locomotive crews, because the locomotive crew injury, can lead to loss of control of high-speed trains. When damage to the frontal window it is also possible injury to passengers.

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The estimated losses of Ukrzaliznytsia from the replacement of the windshield of the cab of the electric train consists of more than 8 thousand dollars USA. In addition, to replace the windshield of the train is suspended from work for 3 days, which also violates the technological process of operation of the trains and adds the losses of the railway.

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