Near Kiev the girl was hurt because of the snake

Под Киевом девушка пострадала из-за змеи

At a local hospital Ukrainka was not ready for an emergency.

In Ukrainka, the snake bit the girl, according to a Facebook of the city Council. According to preliminary information, the incident occurred when the girl was swimming in the river Stugna, reports the with reference for Today.

“In the water she felt discomfort at his feet. Already on the shore saw that on the foot at the heels, there were two small red bite. Not giving first to this, the company continued to chat, play with children and listen to music. But the bite started to hurt and oven”, — stated in the message.

The girl decided to go to a local hospital.

“The doctor at the er was not. Expected it more than 20 minutes. During this time, managed to scrounge a cotton with alcohol to clean the wound. After a long wait the doctor was not sure what to do, so it was decided to call for advice in Obukhiv in the intensive care unit. Since the bite it took about one hour. Pronounced reaction to the bite was not. But my leg is baked, and anxiety didn’t leave the young woman,” the report States.

In the end, the girl was her blood pressure and was given Allergy medication and a sedative.

“Some of the vials were not found, so I had to run to the all-night drugstore, which is on the other side of town. After all medical procedures, the girl was sent home with the conclusion that she was likely bitten by it”, – stated in the message.

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