Near Kiev the driver hit and killed a woman and went to drink vodka

Под Киевом водитель сбил насмерть женщину и отправился пить водку

After that, he decided to confess to hitting.

Night in the White Church the accident occurred, which killed a woman. On the street Shchorsa around 21:30 it is, according to militiamen, began to cross the road in the wrong place and fell under the wheels of the car VAZ-2115, reports the with reference to the Informant.

The driver fled the scene.

On the scene arrived physicians, which remained the only state that 61-year-old woman died. The investigative team determined that she got off the bus and began to cross the street in inappropriate place. The driver of the car brought down the pedestrian and disappeared, but some time later returned to the scene of the accident, when there was still police work.

41-year-old man approached police officers in an alcohol intoxication. He said that he saw a woman on the road at the last moment and tried to avoid the collision, but she abruptly ran back right under the wheels of his car. The scene of the accident, according to him, he fled out of fright. After I arrived at the garage, where he drank vodka, and then decided to go back and admit to everything. In his blood found at 1.9 ppm alcohol. The circumstances of the tragic accident sets a consequence.

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