Near Kiev man killed a friend for thousand hryvnias

Под Киевом мужчина убил знакомого ради тысячи гривен

The court sentenced him.

In Mostysche village, Kyiv oblast 32-year-old man killed a friend and stole from him money in amount of one thousand hryvnia. The bloodied body with signs of violent death was found after almost a week after the incident. The victims were 29-year-old owner of the house where there was a deadly incident, reports the with reference to the Informant.

Trial criminal proceedings on the fact of premeditated murder ended.

It is known that the convict before the murder arrived in Kyiv region in search of work, where he met with the victim. So, 5 November 2018, the workers, being in an alcohol intoxication, came home to his friend. Between them there was a conflict in which the guest grabbed an axe and struck the owner of the house numerous blows to the head. After that, making sure that the victim died, took possession of 1,000 hryvnia killed.

The verdict of the Irpin city court of Kyiv region convicted the accused intentionally causing the death of another person (part 1 article 115 of the Criminal code) and theft (part 1 of article 185 of the Criminal code of Ukraine) and sentenced to 7 years imprisonment.

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