Near Kharkov the guy miraculously survived after the shock of almost 30 thousand volts. Video

Под Харьковом парень чудом выжил после удара током почти 30 тысяч вольт. Видео

The teenager miraculously survived now fight for his life doctors of Kharkov.

In Kharkiv oblast, 17-year-old student was electrocuted when he jumped into the river from the railway bridge.

It is reported online edition of the with reference to TSN.

The incident occurred in the town of Kupyansk. The guy Nikita was hit with a discharge current of almost 30 thousand volts. Likely that he was in the zone of the electric arc.

The teenager miraculously survived now fight for his life doctors of Kharkov, where the victim was taken to the hospital. The guy got burns of 80% of the body, his condition is extremely grave. In addition to numerous deep burns, the guy also was injured when jumping into the water.

“He is now wrapped in lies, it has increased its new skin,” said the mother of the victim Natalia Shcherbak.

As reported the Deputy chief physician of the hospital where is currently undergoing treatment for Nikita, Elena Polishchuk, the teenager got a craniocerebral trauma, trauma of the chest. He is now breathing on his own. Also note that Nikita will have to endure a long treatment and also rehabilitation.

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According to friends, they had all warned him to jump off a bridge, but it did not stop even specially installed signs about the high voltage.

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