NBA: Toronto in six games to beat Milwaukee for the first time reached the final of the playoffs

НБА: «Торонто» в шести матчах обыграл «Милуоки» и впервые вышел в финал плей-офф

The raptors did not allow the return of the series on “Milwaukee”.

In the first half of the match all went to the fact that Milwaukee will interrupt a series of failures
and would even the score in the series. At the beginning of the second quarter the advantage of the “Buck” reached
15. The same 15 points guests kept at the end of the third quarter, but Toronto
jerk 26:3 managed to completely turn the game.

After the long failure of the “Milwaukee” to the end of the match never came
forward in the account. In the last seconds of the match when the lag of 3 points the players the BUCs
managed twice to lose the selection on his shield – Siakam and Leonard from the line
penalty implemented 3 of 4 shots and took all the questions about the winner of the game.

“Toronto” for the first time in history won the Eastern conference. The raptors have become
only the sixth club in the history of the NBA, who managed in the conference finals
to recoup from the account 0:2. The last time such last year made a “Cleveland”
in a series with “Boston”.

Toronto – Milwaukee 100:94 (18:31, 25:19, 28:26, 29:18)

T: Leonard (27 + 17 rebounds + 7 assists), Siakam (18), Lowry (17 + 8

M: Adetokumbo (21 + 11 rebounds), Lopez (18 + 9 rebounds), Middleton (14).

The account in a series – 4:2.

In the finals of the playoffs NBA “Toronto” will play against current champion “the Golden
State”. The decisive series of the season kicks off on Friday, may 31.

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