Navka: Attitude towards Peskov is just as reverent

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 Navka: Attitude towards Peskov is just as reverent

Tatyana Navka, a Russian figure skater and the wife of Russian Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, spoke about her acquaintance and relationship with her husband.

“Nothing has changed, the attitude [to each other] is just as reverent. Appreciate every day, grateful every day. I know that nothing will ever change in this respect,” Navka emphasized in the interview. She clarified that they would not have formed such a sincere and strong relationship if they had met Peskov at a younger age.

The wife of the presidential press secretary also shared that she had achieved her success in life even before getting to know Peskov. Including her status as an Olympic champion, she also received a meeting with her husband. Moreover, Navka admits, initially Dmitry Peskov recognized her only from an advertisement for hair dye. She also said that after meeting, she gradually began to accustom sv

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