Nature is cleansed? What’s wrong with good news about the environment during a pandemic

Природа очищується? Що не так з хорошими новинами про екологію під час пандемії

Venice or not?

You definitely had good news about the improvement of the ecological situation in the world after the introduction of quarantine measures for pandemic coronavirus. We figured out what was really going on in Venice and whether the contamination level has decreased.

The main problem of these news about environmental improvement – that is not news, and in some places – just manipulation. And although what we need now is positive, but about reliability also should not be forgotten.

Therefore, we analyzed information about “victory” and understand what is true and what is not.

“In the canals of Venice appeared swans and dolphins!!!”

Under such headlines in Facebook, Twitter and in numerous media released a viral video about the “unusual” phenomena of nature, as a “side effect” of quarantine from COVID-19. Like, people sit at home, less polluting nature is restored. We only “for” the restoration of nature, but also about the reliability of the information should not be forgotten.

Swans: true, but still a fake!

The truth is that swans do swim in Venice. Fakult information viral video lies in the other messages – birds appear in the city on the water regularly and this has nothing to do with quarantine from coronavirus!

National Geographic has published an official refutation of this fake: the swans are frequent guests in the channels of one of the Islands of the Venetian lagoon – Burano. That is where the photos were taken, which have sold fake message “on the restoration of nature.” By the way, similar pictures with swans can be seen in reports and publications 2012 and 2019. That is, long before the quarantine.

Природа очищується? Що не так з хорошими новинами про екологію під час пандемії

Swans in Burano

Dolphins are not from Venice!

On the presence of dolphins in the canals of Venice – it is fake in the best traditions!
Video about Dolphin common in Venice, where he playfully played with people that are on the edge of the jetty to the city is irrelevant.

Actually the video was filmed in the Italian port of Cagliari on the island Sardinia, near the ferry pier. This is also reported in his refutation of National Geographic, citing YouTube videos. It should be noted that viral video was used only part of the original shooting, which speaks of intentional manipulation with the purpose to mislead the users of the networks. You can see the original video in the title indicated that it was filmed in Cagliari:

However, we conducted additional verification of this video. On one of the movie clips in the background one can clearly see some typical buildings on the coast. Using Google Earth on the map the port of Cagliari was identified similar facilities, and (defining the angle) – is the jetty. Therefore, dolphins splashing not in the canals of Venice and in Sardinia!

Природа очищується? Що не так з хорошими новинами про екологію під час пандемії

On the other side of the news

What about wild boars?

Like swans in Venice and running through the boars that walk through the deserted streets of Italy, no nothing. However, live with the wild boars are also published online and appear in the news that illustrate “the return of the wilderness” during the period of quarantine. However, the boars don’t usually make headlines – they are not as cute as dolphins and swans. However, wild boars are; but they were before.

Природа очищується? Що не так з хорошими новинами про екологію під час пандемії

Photo: SEFaS/Ajutament de Barcelona

An indisputable fact in all this news about the “recovery” nature one: water in the canals of Venice really has become cleaner and it can be seen the fish that previously could not be seen in murky water.

“Drunken elephants in China threw a party”

Another news that pleased users of social networks – this is the story of the party of elephants. It was reported that in China, close to the lake Erhan (Yunnan province) 14 elephants entered Apostle through the quarantined village in search of food, found there was “30 pounds” corn wine (in other news mentions whiskey), got drunk, and a couple of them went to sleep among the tea bushes, while the others hugged and danced.

Most of the media referred to the post Epicalyptic in Facebook, without specifying what that page is and who it belongs to. Their message with pictures of sleeping elephants got almost three hundred thousand reposts, but today he edited. From the initial reports of elephants that drank “30 kg of corn wine,”almost nothing was left: now it says that “no one knows where it came from pictures of sleeping elephants” and attached a link to a National Geographic article, which is refuted by the story of “drunk elephants.”

The Chinese national Xinhua news Agency conducted a small investigation, and with reference to the user Yunnan reported: elephants really was, and even caused damage within the village, including rolled several canisters of homemade wine, but they drank is unknown. Where did the publicized picture, the Agency has not been able to find out.

We understand that there is good news more important than in pre-crisis times. And although at first glance the news about sweet sleeping elephants (though not drunk), swans (even frequent visitors of Burano), dolphins (though not in the Venice canals) will not harm anyone, but it is not so.

Widespread in the media almost all over the world all of these messages proves once again that in the pursuit of a number of readers, journalists are less likely to verify information from social networks. So, much more harmful fake information can also get in the media – and do harm.

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