Nativ HaAsara welcomes attack on Hamas observation tower

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 Attack on Hamas observation tower welcomed in Nativ HaAsar

Residents of the Nativ HaAsar moshav near the Gaza border welcomed the IDF airstrike on the Hamas observation post, but expressed disappointment that the site was not completely destroyed.< br />
This is reported by The Times of Israel.

As noted, the residents of the moshav have long expressed concern about the terrorist observation post.

The IDF struck a precise blow on point, but did not destroy the structure itself.

“It was our request – this position was very disturbing to everyone. There was a feeling that terrorists were following us all day. Of course, this is not a complete solution, because in a few days, obviously, everything will be restored, but the message has been sent, and this is no less important,” said a local resident.

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