Nationalists shook the soul of the lover of the “Russian world”: “the elections don’t go”

Националисты вытрясли душу из любителя «русского мира»: «на выборы не идет»

The controversial public figure of the Dnieper Victor Marchenko refused to participate in elections

I helped him in this right-wing members of the Ukrainian public organization C14, report news of Donbass.

In the river the head of district election Commission No. 24 was assigned the odious public-spirited Victor Marchenko. To such a responsible position during elections he was nominated by the people’s Deputy of Ukraine, the candidate in Presidents Sergey Kaplin.

Националисты вытрясли душу из любителя «русского мира»: «на выборы не идет»

Marchenko big fan of Russia and the “Russian world” manages banned public organization “Union of Soviet officers”. The inhabitants of the Dnieper know him as a supporter of separatist views, urging to join the aggressor country.

The network even has a scandalous video in which Victor Marchenko calls “Russian liberation army” to take Kiev. He openly, without fear of talking on camera to reporters that “Dnipropetrovsk — the southern capital of the Russian Empire”.

It is clear that such an appointment has angered journalists and concerned citizens.

However, to be in the district election Commission Marchenko managed quite a bit. The 21st of February, he resigned. As we have noted above, not without the help of activists C14.

Members of the organization appeared at the Commission meeting and began to ask Marchenko “inconvenient” questions about his anti-Ukrainian activities. There was a fight. The police were called.

In the end, Marchenko to head the district election Commission refused. The session continued.

Националисты вытрясли душу из любителя «русского мира»: «на выборы не идет»

As reported earlier, in Odessa region the resident of the village of Savran made a daring provocation. SBU caught the separatist, when he made anti-Ukrainian graffiti on the walls of houses.

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Also, the citizen was doing was distributing leaflets aimed at inciting ethnic hatred. These materials called for support of a terrorist organization in the temporarily occupied territory of Donbass.

Separatist-loser announced the suspicion of violation of equality of citizens depending on their racial and national identity.

We will remind that the Odessa students desecrated the national anthem of Ukraine: “got Off with a lesson of Patriotic education”

As reported Politeka, the apartment is the famous activist attacked with a grenade: blast wave demolished everything.

Also Politeka wrote that the scandalous Ukrainian erupted nonsense on rostv: well Russophobes and Bandera.

The head of OVK #24 attacked NEWCOM individuals. Pribula ad polca

Gepostet von RELIANCE Dnipro am Donnerstag, 21. Februar 2019

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