National Unmanned Initiative: Phase Four Started

National Drone Initiative: Phase Four Started

The fourth stage of the pilot program within the framework of the National Unmanned Initiative has started in Israel this week.

This was reported by the press service of the Foreign Ministry.

It is specified that the purpose of the program is to develop the technology and procedures for the mass use of civilian multi-rotor drones to perform everyday tasks.
It is about the transportation of food, first aid, traffic control and monitoring, transport forecasting with the help of AI and much more.

At this stage of the program, 10 Israeli developers of multicopters, as well as control and management systems for a large number of UAVs, are participating. Flights are carried out in the center of the country & ndash; in Gush Dan and in the city of Jeruham.

Photo: High Lander Aviation/Cando Drones

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