“Natasha Koroleva herself pushed Tarzan to cheat”

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Performer Natasha Koroleva and dancer Sergei Glushko, better known as Tarzan, have been married for 19 years. Despite a long marriage, there are disagreements in their couple, including betrayal. Psychologist Olga Latyntseva explained why Glushko fails to be faithful to his wife.

The Queen, according to the media, was able to forgive her husband's recent betrayal. Tarzan got into a scandal because of the actress Anastasia Shulzhenko, who told the whole country about her relationship with a celebrity. Netizens then criticized the dancer, but the singer defended her husband.

However, Latyntseva is sure that the performer personally pushes Glushko to cheat. Recently, Natasha Koroleva posted a video on social networks in which she cleared snowdrifts with a shovel in her hands. The psychologist is sure that a married woman should not take on men's responsibilities.

“It always leads to cheating, 99 percent of strong women are cheated on. Women's wisdom lies in the fact that even if you can change a wheel or sort out a carburetor, you can’t do this with your man,” — quotes the expert portalBLITZ+.

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