Natasha Koroleva found an illegitimate daughter from a gay friend

Natasha Koroleva found an illegitimate daughter from a gay friend

Popular singer Natasha Koroleva admitted that she has an illegitimate daughter from a gay friend. She even showed a joint photo with the child. The pop star went to such frankness on the air of the Secret in a Million program. on NTV.

The singer said that she helped her good friend become a father by giving her genetic material for the surrogacy procedure. The pregnancy of the mother, who was carrying the child, was difficult. In addition, the woman had to overcome a sea voyage from Russia to the United States, as well as go through a difficult childbirth.

The Queen noted that she shared this information with caution, since some people may react negatively to it.

“ This situation is happy, but our world is so cruel now, and the most positive and happy situation, it can have a very negative effect, '' said the artist.

She also noted that the girl now two years old, she lives with her father in San Francisco, USA. The Queen admitted that she had seen her child and, in support of her words, showed a photo in which she was holding her daughter in her arms.

The singer's husband Sergei Glushko admitted that he was amazed by this news. However, as noted, he treats this information with joy.

In turn, the singer's mother Lyudmila Poryvai reacted violently to the news about her granddaughter. It turned out that she did not know about the illegitimate daughter of the Queen, and after the frank confession of her daughter, the pensioner became ill. She needed a sedative.

Burst could not come to terms with the idea that for two years she lived in the same country with her own granddaughter and did not even know about the existence of the baby.

Recall, officially. Natasha Koroleva and Sergey Glushko have a 19-year-old son, Arkhip.

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