Natasha Koroleva divorces after Volochkova's story about sex with Tarzan

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 Natasha Koroleva gets divorced after Volochkova's story about sex with Tarzan

A month ago, a scandalous episode of Alena Zhigalova's show with Anastasia Volochkova was released on YouTube. The ballerina told details about the family life of Natasha Koroleva and Sergey Glushko (Tarzan). The ballerina blurted out that the star couple no longer lives together — I mean, they finally broke up. .

Because of this, the Queen now and then had to give comments and explain what was happening in her personal life with Tarzan. she joked that everything was in order, you don’t need to believe Volochkova unquestioningly.

Now Koroleva gave another frank interview in which new details were revealed. “Seryozha is now on tour with the play. I call him and say: “Serge, we are divorcing you again, maybe you are naughty there again, so let’s wrap it up, Ato Volochkova is talking there,” & mdash; Natasha said in the studio of “Central Television” on NTV.

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