Natalia Vetlitskaya admitted that at one time was collecting bottles on the street

Наталья Ветлицкая призналась, что одно время собирала бутылки на улице

Natalia Vetlitskaya admitted that at one time was collecting bottles on the street
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In addition, once the singer stole the hot sauce because you don’t have enough money to buy it.

Star 90-ies of Natalia Vetlitskaya, which in the near future intends to return to the big stage at one time experienced severe financial difficulties. Because of this, the singer even had to collect bottles on the street. About this Vetlitskaya told in the program “Evening Urgant”.

– Did not have the money. I think, what to do? Went to the street to collect bottles of beer. Passed. Went into the supermarket and bought disgusting sausages, a carton of milk and a loaf of bread. I think I will not swallow, but the sauce helps me to eat these sausages. Not enough 55 cents for a sauce, so I hid it and made” — said Saltykov. “Well, that’s life!” — said the artist.

Recall Vetlitskaya is scheduled to speak in October 2020 in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The performer of hits “Look into my eyes”, “eyes the color of whiskey” and “Magadan” came to Russia and gave an interview to Andrey Malakhov, in which he spoke about life, relationships and the experienced difficulties.

Natalia Vetlitskaya is a Soviet and Russian singer. In the late ‘ 80s she worked in the ballet with Alla Pugacheva, but later joined the group “Mirage”, where the whole year was the main soloist. Since 1992, the Saltykov began a solo career. In 2006 he interrupted his creative career, he went with his daughter to Spain.


Married Natalia Vetlitskaya and Zhenya Belousov lived only 10 days

His “Night taxi” and “my blue-eyed Girl” in the late eighties – early nineties knew by heart the whole country, and fans break out the door to the dressing room, if only to touch the idol. On the idea of the producers Zhenya Belousov was to be the “Russian Michael Jackson” – same popular, only more romantic. And for a while succeeded.

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