Natalia Mogilevskaya changed dance partner

For several months Natalia Mogilevskaia with his partner Igor Kuzmenko took part in the popular dance project “Dancing with the stars”, in which they won. Many assumed that after the show, Igor, as once the ex-partner of Mogilev Vlad Yama, will be participating with the singer in her concert program. However, outside of the project she expressed a preference for another member of the “Dancing with the stars”.

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As it became known thanks to the personal microblog Natalia, she decided to choose her partner on stage Dmitry Beetle, which in the draft was dancing with Kamaliya. Looking at the pictures with the pair and they seem to share much more than just a job.

“Now I’m dancing… I was very excited to get back to my stage without a microphone. Only Your support and desire to please you!” — wrote under a photo of Natalia Mogilevska.

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