Natalia Kholodenko told about the funeral of his father

Наталья Холоденко рассказала о похоронах отца

Find out why Natalia Kholodenko sang at my father’s funeral.

Host of “panic” on channel “Ukraine”, psychologist Natalia Kholodenko in “Sravi way” on the channel “Ukraine” has told about the personal drama that made her stronger, according to the with reference for Today.

Her father, Vladimir, was ill with diabetes. Natalia even at the time his father moved to Kiev. She fought for his life as he could. Then even thought that the disease has receded. The man did not betray his poor health.

“He was always in a good mood, he was positive, but when my brother called and said he died, I wasn’t expecting at that moment that I was sitting and thinking: my God, I just now can’t realize that, and I don’t know how to handle it. For me it was such a punch in the stomach when you inhale and not to exhale, when you just don’t even know how to handle it,” says the psychologist.

Natalia Kholodenko didn’t just pick himself up, but even fulfilled the last wish of their father to sing at his grave a favorite song.

“I was once told: Leonid Bykov at the funeral sang “curly Maple”, but I want the “Two colors”. And when dad died, I invited the musician then. We have decided not to sing at the funeral, and I decided that I’m going to sing the Pope song. And I stand and think: Oh, well, it’s a real shame, people just now do not understand, and there’s a lot of people, the Pope was very fond of. And I stand, I think, now I’ll tell the musician not to play I won’t sing because I’m ashamed. Then I stand and think, why, again, someone’s opinion should determine my decisions, it’s about me and him and I did,” says Kholodenko.

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And in 4 years, not her father, he would be her guardian Angel. It was after his death, the woman began an incredible rise in his career. The phenomenon of Kholodenko spoke the whole of Ukraine. Natalia recently received the award “Woman of Ukraine 2019”.

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