Natalia Kholodenko explained why having nightmares

Наталья Холоденко объяснила, почему снятся кошмары

Natalia Kholodenko explained why having nightmares
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To avoid such problems, need not to eat at night.

Habit to eat late in the evening can lead to food addiction and other problems. Psychologist Natalia Kholodenko in the “Sravi way” told how to wean myself off of the habit of eating before bedtime.

– This is actually a very serious problem. When you go to bed on a full stomach, then there is a high probability that you will dream of nightmares. Because heaviness in the stomach gives the signal to the brain that feeling of heaviness you need to do something. In the negative condition translates into nightmares, she explained.

According to cholodenko, it is very important to wean yourself from the habit of eating late in the evening

– In fact, sleep is a very important component. When we begin to overeat for the night then turn into little children, who eat in order to calm down, – said the psychologist.

Natalia noted that not only holds in the gym for several hours of intense training, but also completely changed his diet.

I just taught myself, almost never eat after 17:00. Note that even after six. I generally eat whatever I want, until 16:00. Yes, there are some feasts or late-night meetings. Then I break the rule and can enjoy a glass of champagne, something to eat. But in this case the main thing – not to lean on food, she said.

The psychologist also shared tips on what to do with myself before bedtime to morning Wake up fresh and full of energy.

– It is best to tune in to it physically. Ventilate the room or take a stroll on the street. An hour before sleep it is important to put any gadgets, because the blue light of the screen stimulates the brain. As a result, you will not be able to sleep as your body needs, – added Natalia Kholodenko.


Natalia Kholodenko 36 years. Ukrainian viewers, she is known thanks to the projects “Halves”, “No krawatte” and “dancing with the stars”, where he performed in the role of participant. Privacy Kholodenko never advertise. It is known that she has a son Lariona that in 2019 I went to the first class.

A psychologist once was already married, however, in February of last year divorced. A month later, after parting with her husband, TV presenter again became a mother. Natalia and her new love had a daughter.


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