Nastya Kamensky – Lollipop: watch a passionate new clip, which inspires to love

Настя Каменських – Lollipop: дивіться новий пристрасний кліп, який надихає кохати

Nastya Kamensky and Juan Magan
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Sexy Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky (NK) pleased fans with a new seductive video for the song “Lollipop” on Valentine’s Day. Hey another Spanish-language hit, which is dedicated to all the lovers, and enjoy live Radio MAXIMUM!

So, Nastya Kamensky presented a new video. In the video for the song “Lollipop” actress starred together with the Spanish singer Juan Machne, which is recognized worldwide for his significant role in the development of the genre “Electro Latino”.

“The video, released on Valentine’s Day, and inspire everyone to love. No matter where you were. This is the story of loving hearts, which are separated by a distance, but it brings love and passion. I love to create music without boundaries, show by example that all boundaries are only in our head. And I’m really glad Juan Magan also shares this idea. We did a cool collaboration. “Lollipop” is about passion and passionate love, dedicated to all the lovers” – wrote Nastya.

In the video Kamensky appears in seductive images that flatter her gorgeous figure: a bright jumpsuit, short leather dresses, and also bold outfit with feathers. You’ll definitely appreciate!

Nastya Kamensky (NK) – Lollipop: watch online hot clip new:

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