Nastya Kamensky had a ball: Potap does not give money

Настя Каменских пустилась во все тяжкие: Потап денег не дает

Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky which in ear pregnant by her producer Potap, poslednee time is always in the spotlight

There is a new publication will appear in her Instagram, as fans immediately start to discuss whether the, whether the signature to it, reports Clutch.

So, today, February 12, the singer posted on his page photo with their dog Mimi.

In a new publication she had shared her feelings about Mimi, saying that he considers her his best friend. In addition, she shared that dog and she Wake up early and love to spend time with each other. Also, the singer told followers that it was food that took the picture she feeds her cityrealty girlfriend.

Настя Каменских пустилась во все тяжкие: Потап денег не дает

However, subscribers are anyway expressed their outrage in the comments to the post.

Other commentators were more supportive of new publications Kamensky: “What are you cute”, “Like two drops of water”, “you’re beautiful”, “Naska, you are super love you,” “Not only to spend time, and even dolgovoi to squeeze as a stuffed toy”, “Nastia, you look like another hairstyle, both really curly”, “how cute you are”, “What a cute dog”.

Earlier, the actress decided to share with fans a new snapshot, which was published on his page. The celebrity photographed in sports clothes, hat and headphones. It is noteworthy also that girl finally shows himself real without makeup and all sorts of vulgar poses.

Fans, as expected, were surprised by a new way, about what repeatedly wrote in the comments under the post Anastasia Kamenskih.

Настя Каменских пустилась во все тяжкие: Потап денег не дает

“Oh Yak our beauty 👍😘”, “Lean is too much and chicken”, “Fingers in the mouth need to put😂 and that’s not right!” 2Пробежка in port, the cake be thrown overboard. The priority only sport”, “Why not men’s suits NK ?!🤨”, “Rain is not a hindrance🤩😎”, “Nastya, don’t bite your nails”, “Sportik!!!!”, “Goodie, goodie💪😙”, 2Красивая😘🏃♂️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️))))”, “So keep 🏃🏽♀️💞🖤💜”, “Why Kamensky such thick eyebrows ?! It is not decent and outrageous. Zhah”.

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Recall, Nastya Kamenskikh discovered the secret to weight loss.

As reported Politeka, Nastya Kamenskikh stunned fans of the new swimsuit.

Also Politeka wrote that Kamensky fueled rumors of a romance with the captain

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