Nastya Kamensky blasted his performance first broadcast of the show “X-factor”

Last week, the network was discussing the beginning of his solo career Nastya Kamenskih, in particular, its first single “It’s my night”. Stars congratulated Nastya in social networks, devoting her touching, heartfelt posts, and fans watched the clip, which is just a couple of days gained a million hits.

She was inspired by such a success, and she continued to present to those who have not seen the result of his first solo work. So, she first came on the scene without a sensual live show “X-factor” last Saturday and blew up the hall with a spectacular performance which had everything: incredible scenery, and an interesting setting, and the perfect performance of the song, and the same fire in the eyes of the artist, when he enjoys his work with the public. Way to go, NK!

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