Nastya Kamensky admitted, why not talked to Potap

Настя Каменских призналась, почему не разговаривала с Потапом

Why the couple quarreled.

Married Nastya Kamensky and Potap shared the story about how not talking a month and a half, reports the with reference to Clutch.

Nastya Kamensky and Potap — one of the most discussed couples of Ukrainian show-business. On may 23 they played a magnificent wedding, which was attended by many stars of Ukrainian show-business. The long-awaited event for lovers noted in the elite Koncha-Zaspa area, on the territory of one of the capital’s restaurants. The day after the celebrations the newlyweds went on a honeymoon.

However, their relationship wasn’t always so sweet as the honeymoon. In the new issue of “Swetoha life” Nastya Kamensky told how did not speak with the captain. Moreover, the couple even stayed in different hotels and traveled in separate cars.

The longest conflict Kamenskih and Potap lasted a month and a half.

“A month and a half was made every day. We weren’t talking. We left the scene, went in different directions, and rode on different machines in different hotels,” — says Kamensky.

The question Osadchaya what was the point of disagreement, Anastasia gave an example:

“Why swear? Well, look, there is a very famous song “Why are you silent”. We recorded about three months. I came to the Studio six times in five minutes. I was diseased. He said to me: “Why the hell you came here sick?” I answered: “How can I recover, if I work!” And so word for word, passions.. And we swear”.

It became known how much Potap and Nastya Kamenskih cost wedding

Lapping in the duet “Potap and Nastya” lasted for three years. After they’ve studied each other and fight less often. And now that’s all live under one roof.

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