Nastya Kamenskih told the Mexicans about the Ukrainian sopilka and ate bugs

Настя Каменских рассказала мексиканцам про украинскую сопилку и наелась жуков

Nastya Kamenskih told the Mexicans about the Ukrainian sopilka and ate beetles
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The singer showed what he did in Mexico.

Nastya Kamensky showed a vlog from Mexico. The singer said in Instagram that happily visited the top Mexican TV and radio stations. There she told about Ukraine, Kiev and creation of the track Elefante, which was recorded in Spanish.

– This song uses the sopilka (a wooden wind instrument of the flute family, similar to a flute. – Ed.). It is the Ukrainian national musical instrument, Kamenskikh said in an interview.

The presenter repeated the new word, and then the wife of the captain told her the Ukrainian phrase “Yak right” (“how are you”). Another leading Mexican Nastya told how to thank the Ukrainian language. The singer, as it turned out, perfectly communicate in Spanish.

Nastya also performed the song “Sex on Fire” by the American rock band “Kings of Leon” and sang with the street musicians. On the team and she has wide-brimmed hats. Finally, the star ate the beetles, though not immediately decided on this.

Earlier Nastya Kamenskih gave a hot photo shoot for the Mexican Playboy.


Mom Nastya Kamenskih told how to apply to the son-in-law Captain

In interview to the program “JUL” Lidia admitted that the actor “bribed” her with his relation to their family.

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