NASA will send people to Venus to study the “hell world”

 NASA will send humans to Venus to explore the

NASA scientists decided to study Venus in more detail. To do this, the researchers want to send missions to the planet, in which astronauts will be able to dive into the “hellish” conditions and understand whether there was life there.

According to scientists, Venus hides a huge amount of information that can help us learn more about the Earth and planets even outside the solar system.

“NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory is developing mission concepts to survive the planet's extreme temperatures and atmospheric pressure,” NASA said in a statement.

NASA also showed an image of Venus, which is a composition data from the Magellan spacecraft and the Pioneer Venus Orbiter.

“Venus is Earth's closest planetary neighbor. Two new missions of the Discovery program to study our neighbor are aimed at understanding how Venus turned into a hellish world, having so many characteristics similar to ours. It may have been the first habitable planet in the solar system,” NASA added.

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