NASA showed the space the Christmas tree

NASA показало космічну Різдвяну ялинку

Christmas in space
/ nasa

Scientists using the Spitzer telescope have obtained the clusters, which is called a Christmas tree. It looks incredible!

As noted by NASA, new stars form in the center of the cluster stable structure, which scientists have named Snowflake.

Scientists also note that clouds that you can see in the picture, are dynamic structures. The location of the stars in the image suggests that they are newborn stars, “protozoa”. After about 100 thousand years, they leave the place of his birth and the region will lose its form that resembles a snowflake.

The Spitzer also failed to consider the part of the Cone nebula. Her “tip” is seen in the lower left corner of the image.

NASA показало космічну Різдвяну ялинку

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