NASA scientists will build a base for flights to Mars

Ученые NASA построят базу для полетов на Марс

NASA is settling on the moon as part of the mission “Artemis”.

Project Artemis is for ten years. As part of the mission to the moon will deliver the equipment and materials called astronauts “payload,” according to the with reference to

We are talking about any items that will be needed on the satellite. The U.S. Agency NASA is slowly settling on the moon and now has chosen three carriers.

The responsibility of companies includes delivery to the satellite “payloads”. Those tasks will take firm Astrobotic from Pittsburgh, Intuitive Machines in Houston, Beyond the Orbit of new Jersey. First on the moon will send instruments to determine radiation levels.

At the preliminary stage of the mission “Artemis” people need to land on the Earth’s satellite. It will happen in 2024. By 2028 the man in the moon will always be present. There will create a special database, which will occupy the first scientists. Over time, the moon would be to send everyone.

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Now the company, known businessman Richard Brandson Virgin Galactic organizes “space travel”. A few years from an exotic home away from home will turn into a regular thing. The price of the flight at the moment is quite high. To become a space tourist needs to pay 200-300 thousand dollars, but with the development of technology the cost of services in this sector will be reduced significantly.

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