NASA scientists warned humanity about the terrible accident: “cold and hunger”

Ученые NASA предупредили человечество о страшной катастрофе: «холод и голод»

Humanity will not die from the attack of the aliens, the fallen asteroid or world war

A terrible danger lurks literally under the ground. And she can bury the whole of our civilization.

NASA scientists are sounding the alarm – we are threatened supervolcanoes. The fact that Yellowstone national Park has a huge magma reservoir that is able to destroy all life on our planet.

Ученые NASA предупредили человечество о страшной катастрофе: «холод и голод»

According to experts, in the Earth approximately every 100,000 years there is an explosion of the volcano. Each time the consequences for all living things is simply fatal. Geologists anxiously saying that the volcano under Yellowstone national Park begins to Wake up, and this is no good for the people is not threatened.

Specialists we are promised in the case of a global eruption of heavy painful death from hunger and cold, which will bring terrible volcanic winter.

According to the UN, humanity will last 74 days. Then the food supply will end.

Scientists think in order to prevent the explosion, cooling the volcano. And this requires a fantastic amount of water that will have to submit to the volcano, but this implementation is almost impossible.

“The construction of a large aqueduct in the mountain in the mountain region would be costly and difficult, and people don’t want their water was spent that way,” – said Brian Wilcox of jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA.

Ученые NASA предупредили человечество о страшной катастрофе: «холод и голод»

There is also a “plan B”: to drill the volcano at a depth of 10 kilometers and to pump water under high pressure. This will help to avoid disasters, as these actions may slow, but will lower the temperature of the volcano. But this option is very expensive. Experts call the amount of work to 3.46 billion dollars.

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But when at stake is the life of the whole planet, so expensive is the price?

NASA has warned the government that the volcano in Yellowstone erupts about every 600,000 years. And once this period is coming to an end. And people need something urgently to solve it.

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