NASA satellites help rescuers in Turkey and Syria

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 NASA satellites help rescuers in Turkey and Syria

NASA is using state-of-the-art satellites to help rescue teams respond to devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

According to the space agency, it is working to share aerial photos and data from space to help rescuers.

Satellite data is also expected to improve the ability to model and predict future catastrophic disasters.

“The hearts and minds of NASA are with those who suffered from earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. NASA— these are our eyes in the sky. Our expert teams are hard at work to provide valuable information to first responders on the ground”, — said NASA administrator Bill Nelson.

In particular, the space agency uses synthetic aperture radar, or SAR, to measure the movement of the earth after such an event and map changes in the landscape.

NASA data can help relevant organizations determine the full extent of the damage caused to the region. Also, experts coordinate with teams on the ground to obtain relevant information and improve the agency's ability to understand natural disasters.

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