NASA releases image of 'smiling' sun

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 NASA releases image of 'smiling' Sun

NASA released a photo of the Sun looking like a smiley face due to a pattern of dark spots called coronal holes.

“Today, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory caught” ;smile" Sun", — tweeted the space agency.

“These dark spots on the Sun, visible in ultraviolet light, are known as coronal holes and are areas where the fast solar wind rushes into space,” — tweet says.

Solar Dynamics Observatory — is a program designed to improve understanding of the Sun's impact on the Earth.

Launched in 2010, the mission is a “semi-autonomous spacecraft focused on the Sun that will enable near-continuous observations of The Sun at a constant scientific data rate.

Twitter users were quick to compare the image of the Sun to a Halloween pumpkin, the Marshmallow Man from the Ghostbusters movie. and cookies.

Coronal holes are not really a laughing matter, as they could mean a solar storm is heading towards Earth.

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