NASA published the x-ray Universe

В NASA опубликовали рентгеновский снимок Вселенной

In the picture is all visible x-ray sources on one part of the sky.

Representatives of NASA released x-ray Universe. In the picture is all visible x-ray sources on one part of the sky.

As reported on the website of scholars, this image has combined data obtained over the 22 months of observations. The star sky observed with a special tool called Neutron star Interior Composition Explorer (NICER), which was installed on the ISS.

Arc appeared in the image due to the fact that the tool often moves on the same route following their order: the bright x-ray sources.

“Even with minimal processing on this picture you can see the Loop of the Swan — the remains of a supernova that is about 90 light-years and whose age is estimated at five to eight thousand years,” said Keith Hendra the head of the group of researchers.

Also earlier it was reported that the British film Institute and the Royal astronomical society presented a unique video. The first video in the history of total solar Eclipse, which occurred may 28, 1900, showed to the wide public. The material appeared on the official website of the astronomical society:

“Was digitized, the earliest moving image of this phenomenon”, — referred to in the message.

It is known that the work was done by the British magician Nevil Maskelyn and the American astronomer John bacon during the expedition of the British astronomical Association in North Carolina.

“This was the second attempt to remove a solar Eclipse. Film the first time was stolen in 1898 in India.”

NASA intends to organize tourist travels to GMT

Recall that in the multi-year disputes of learned men, whether there is life on Mars, apparently, come to an end.

The researchers stated that they had found possible signs of life on the red planet.

Thus, experts have carefully studied pictures from Mars and found them interesting rock formations, which, according to experts, similar to pasta. Them the education, they plan to test the existence of bacteria.

The fact that about the same stone “spaghetti” is on the Ground, and then causing bacterium Sulfurihydrogenibium yellowstonense. This bacterium belongs to the extremophiles, that is, there is a high probability that she can live and “be fruitful” and in the harsh conditions on Mars.

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