NASA is preparing for a new mission: travel into the past

NASA готовится к новой миссии: отправятся в прошлое

A new NASA mission will study the past Universe

The American scientists intend to 2023 to seriously study the deep past of our Universe.

The application project is open. It will be called SPHEREx (spectrophotometer for the History of the Universe, Epoch of Reionization, and Ices Explorer). Scientists participating in the program will examine more than 300 million galaxies. Also explore the milky Way. All in all, just in our Galaxy under the attention of experts will be more than a hundred million stars.

NASA готовится к новой миссии: отправятся в прошлое

Every six months, the telescope will do a full sky survey. Scientists hope. By the end of the program because of this they will receive a special picture of the sky in 96 color bands, which will also help to unravel the mysteries of the past of the Universe.

The project aims at studying the physics of the expansion of the Universe, and in parallel, it will study the formation of light that produce the galaxy. Also, one of the spectra will be the search of possible options for the origin of life in the milky Way.

The project will cost at least $ 242 million.

As previously reported, when the person is long in space and it is not the gravitation of the earth, then returned to the planet he may experience serious problems with spatial awareness.

With such negative effect at the time faced astronaut space Agency NASA drew Feustel back on solid ground after work on the International space station.

Us astronaut drew Feustel shared a video where he’s learning to walk again. Specialist NASA had from the very beginning to get used to gravity after 197 days on the International space station.

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The video shows that Feistel trying to walk on his own, but every time collapses in different directions. Next to his fear of falling.

“On 5 October, I looked like this — from heel to toe with eyes closed. Hopefully, the newly returned crew feels much better,” wrote Feistel in his Twitter.

NASA готовится к новой миссии: отправятся в прошлое

In June of 2018 Andrew Feustel climbed to third place in the world for the total amount of time spent in the open space. In addition to space astronaut Feustel enjoys restoring old cars, skiing and playing the guitar. Also, the astronaut has a wife and three children.

Note that the crew of the International space station spend every day two hours of physical training. They run on the treadmill, use the stationary bike, squat and so on. This is done in order to minimize the loss of muscle and bone, while people are in microgravity. But this does not mean that it will be easy to adapt to earth’s gravity.

Upon returning to Earth the astronauts and cosmonauts have to undergo physical and medical test in which doctors analyze how their bodies change during space flight.

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