NASA intends to organize tourist travels to GMT

NASA намерено организовывать туристические путешествия на МСК

For this purpose, the company even provided a budget for 2020.

NASA intends by 2020 to start sending tourists to the International space station (ISS) on American ships, writes the with reference to the Telegraph.

The possibility of sending tourists provided by the Agency’s budget for fiscal year 2020.

SpaceX sent a manned spacecraft Crew Dragon first mission to ISS (Video)
Company SpaceX to order NASA developed the first private manned spacecraft Crew Dragon. It is designed to deliver astronauts to the ISS and return to Earth. In 2017, SpaceX has announced plans to use it for tourist flights.

NASA has posted “x-ray” the Universe

The first flight of the Crew Dragon to ISS on 2 March. He was held without a crew, the pilot’s seat was occupied by a mannequin named Ripley.

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