NASA has published “x-ray” of the Universe

NASA опубликовало "рентгеновский снимок" Вселенной

The picture was taken using the tool “Nicer” aboard the International space station.

NASA has published a colorful picture, which shows all visible cosmic x-ray sources on the part of the sky, writes the with reference to UNIAN.

The, the space Agency took two years, done with the help of tool “Nicer” aboard the International space station. See also NASA’s 2020 launch microorganisms into solar orbit After the ISS the night falls (when the station enters the Earth shadow), the device about every hour and a half catches high-energy photons with the eight points of the night sky.

Each curved line in the photo is the way in which attention is moved from one radiation source to another. Small spots and lines — energy particles that somehow get into the sensors.

Larger “sparks” are very different in brightness, which depends on the amount of time that “Nicer” focuses on the sources of radiation, and the intensity of the signal from these points. Many of them, according to scientists, can be neutron stars. These objects do not emit visible light, so directly to see them in an ordinary telescope will not work.

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And scientists still don’t know their radius. But the mission of “Niser” can help to solve this question and calculate the size of these objects with accuracy to five percent.

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