NASA has posted “x-ray” the Universe

NASA выложило "рентгеновский" снимок Вселенной

NASA astrophysics created using NICER (Neutron star Interior Composition Explorer) the picture showing all the visible cosmic x-ray sources on the part of the sky.

“The map includes data for the first 22 months of scientific activities NICER. Each edge keeps track of the x-rays, and random strikes of energetic particles captured during night movements”, — stated in the message, reports the with reference to

After ISS enters the Earth’s shadow, the device about every hour and a half catches high-energy photons with the eight points of the night sky. Each curved line is the path along which moves the attention from one radiation source to another. Small spots and lines — energy particles that somehow get into the sensors.

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The biggest “spark” of special interest, as they are very different in brightness, which depends on the intensity of the signal from these points and the time that the NICER they were delayed. Many of these points, according to scientists, can be neutron stars.

NASA выложило "рентгеновский" снимок Вселенной

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